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                  TRUMP INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LIMITED,welcome to you!

                  Cargo tracking

                  International Express

                  core business


                  Your worries

                  So you worry about worry

                  01 The logistics company is small, there is no specialized warehouse and logistics team, time is not safe.

                  02 Customs clearance procedures, long backlog of goods, export of goods is difficult.

                  03 The shipment status of the goods cannot be queried and when the destination is not known.

                  04 The loss of goods is serious, the payment procedure is complicated, the export cost of goods is high.

                  Our advantage

                  So you worry about worry


                  More than 10 years of experience in the industry is strong

                  The old driver international logistics integrates the import and export link resources, customs clearance is more efficient

                  Professional logistics operation team, full-service customers

                  The service has a thousand enterprises, no bad record for many years, safe and reliable, a good reputation.

                  A one-stop logistics service is more efficient and efficient

                  International express door to door one-stop service, more convenient

                  The first-class cargo clearance service saves you red tape

                  Flexible and efficient warehouse and distribution system, more convenient

                  Logistics status 1 key query logistics status real-time tracking

                  Old driver logistics professional customized ERP logistics operating system

                  Convenient inquiry and efficient tracking of goods, convenient customers to understand the logistics situation

                  Customer service 7 * 24 hours online, seamless connection

                  The safety of goods is less reliable and less reliable

                  The safety monitoring system provides safe and reliable guarantee for the export of goods

                  Cooperate with Chinese insurance company and other insurance companies to protect your goods

                  Since the establishment of the company, the total discount rate is lower than 0.0.2 PPM.

                  Operation process

                  All services are only for customers

                  • within 24 hours
                    Pick up pick up

                  • 03
                  • Our system
                    Scan the record

                  • 01
                  • Website or micro letter
                    Public order

                  • Arrange the port
                      And flights

                  • 04
                  • Professional document operation
                    Make a warehouse

                  • 05

                  • System shipping


                  • Send sign

                  • 07

                  • Customs clearance

                  Customer case

                  Customer recognition is the driving force of our progress

                  ABOUT US

                  The old driver has been moving forward

                       TRUMP INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LIMITED (affiliated to HuoSu international logistics) has been focusing on international transportation service since 2004. It has been over 13 years. After many years of industry accumulation precipitation, the current business scope covers international express, international air transportation, international shipping, rail transport, warehousing, FBA head, amazon first leg, import and export customs declaration, etc., is a professional shipping agency co., LTD., we have a professional management team and staff team will try our best to provide our customers with from the sender to sign for one-stop international logistics solutions, a specialist all-the-way tracking stock parts at the same time, make you at ease, comfortable, make logistics more worry, make foreign trade is more simple.

                  News information

                  Pay attention to us!


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